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The Barbados Marine Trust (BMT)

The Barbados Marine Trust (BMT) was formed in May 2000 and is dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially sustainable use of the Marine areas of Barbados. This includes addressing unsustainable and polluting activities on land, which affect the marine environment.

 The BMT wishes to play a major role in assisting the Government of Barbados in the implementation of marine management initiatives.  

 It intends to show how proper management of our marine resources can result in a healthy and productive marine environment thereby providing a legacy for future generations. Protecting our reefs ensures that our economy, community, and the livelihoods of our people are sustained. The Trust intends to implement a long-term plan, which will enable us to educate the population _in particular our children on the importance of, and need for a permanent policy for the future of our marine resources.

Volunteer with the Barbados Marine Trust

The BMT is currently seeking out volunteers to support us in advocacy related to the protection of the marine environment, we would like to hear from you.

Volunteers interested in writing and helping us keep up our website are also invited. 

We are happy to provide letters of recommendations for your volunteer service, also, we welcome students who are willing to develop programmes and support us in writing funding applications.



Reef Balls as a Proxy Habitat for Fish Species in Lieu of Available Suitable Natural Coral Reef, off the South-West Coast of Barbados, Caribbean Sea. By Zalika Hanoman-Van-Sluytman

The Barbados Marine Trust successfully engaged in a Reef Ball Project in Barbados. As part of the monitoring of the impacts the BMT supported dissertation research at one of the sites. The research was undertaken by a Plymouth University MSc student Zalika Hanoman-Van-Sluytman. The research investigates if Reef Balls could act as a proxy habitat for fish species in lieu of available suitable natural reef, by examining the fish species richness and fish abundance at a site off the south-west coast of Barbados, in the Caribbean Sea.


The Barbados Marine Trust’s Undersea Heritage Museum

The Barbados Marine Trust is proposing to create an underwater heritage museum to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Barbados' independence. Sculptures which depict the history of Barbados dating back to the country's early inhabitants, will be sculpted and placed on the sea bed in the Carlisle Bay area.

This project will serve as a biodiversity demonstration project, on the use of Fish Attraction Devices (FADS) that will impact the fishing and water sports communities and by extension, improve the quality and sustainability of under-water life surrounding Barbados. 


Walking the Talk – Commentary for World Environment Day 2014

Barbados has been selected by the United Nations Environmental Programme [UNEP] as a
global co-host for the World Environment Day celebrations on the 5th June 2014.

The theme for this year's celebrations is "Small Island Developing States and Climate Change".

The celebration of World Environment Day began in 1972 and has grown to become one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations encourages positive action for the environment. 

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