Reef Balls as a Proxy Habitat for Fish Species in Lieu of Available Suitable Natural Coral Reef, off the South-West Coast of Barbados, Caribbean Sea. By Zalika Hanoman-Van-Sluytman

The Barbados Marine Trust successfully engaged in a Reef Ball Project in Barbados. As part of the monitoring of the impacts the BMT supported dissertation research at one of the sites. The research was undertaken by a Plymouth University MSc student Zalika Hanoman-Van-Sluytman. The research investigates if Reef Balls could act as a proxy habitat for fish species in lieu of available suitable natural reef, by examining the fish species richness and fish abundance at a site off the south-west coast of Barbados, in the Caribbean Sea. The data for this study was collected from the Barbados Marine Trust for April 2004 to December 2005, and a professional diver collected data from February to May 2014, both using the reef-fish visual census. The Reef Ball fish abundance and species richness were compared with two different neighbouring natural reefs, and a site similar to where the Reef Balls were placed initially, using t-tests, ANOVA, MDS and ANOSIM.

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Walking the Talk - Commentary for World Environment Day 2014

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